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Promoting good behaviour


A well ordered environment and good behaviour are necessary for effective learning and teaching to take place. Good behaviour and behaviour management should help every child to succeed and to achieve his/her full potential.  It is important to recognise that the majority of the pupils at Lowedges Junior Academy are well behaved, courteous and show respect for each other and the adults with whom they interact. Our school behaviour policy actively promotes the responsibilities of all members of the school to ensure self-discipline, self respect, honesty, fairness, politeness and working together harmoniously.  Promoting positive behaviour requires a shared understanding and commitment by all staff and pupils, parents/carers, governors, outside agencies and the wider community. Consistency of practice is needed across the school to ensure that pupils know and understand the standards of behaviour expected of them.


A full copy of the school behaviour policy can be downloaded here:


Lowedges Junior Academy - Behaviour Policy