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All Policy Documents

LJA Attendance Policy - Review March 2021
LJA Health and Safety Policy Review March 2020
ACET Admissions Policy Review March 2020
ACET GDPR Data Protection Review May 2022
ACET Off Site Visits Policy Review March 2021
ACET RMBC Academies Responding to a suicide or sudden death Policy Review March 2020
Lowedges Sports Premium Update - May 2018
ACET Pay Policy 2018-19 Review September 2019
ACET LJA Looked After Children and Young People in Public Care Review October 2019
ACET E-Safety and Data Protection ICT Equipment AUP Review January 2019.pdf
ACET Single Equality Policy Review October 2019
ACET Appraisal Policy 2018 19 Review October 2019
ACET LJA Safeguarding Policy Sheffield - Review October 2019
ACET Intruder Process Approved July 2017 Review June 2020
ACET Policy Supporting Students with Medical Needs Review October 2019
ACET policy on medicines in school Review October 2019
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