8. What arrangements are in place for consulting parents/carers of children with SEN?


Positive involvement with parents/carers is seen as an important part of our work with pupils. At its most effective the education of young people is a collaborative enterprise involving teachers, parents/carers and the pupils themselves .


The Inclusion Team review SEN provision at least three times a year by communicating directly or indirectly with parents/carers by means of: -


  • Attendance at parents/carers evenings
  • Review meetings- including statutory , non-statutory and multi-agency reviews
  • Telephone calls
  • Parents/carers consultation evenings
  • Parental request for a meeting
  • Pupil planners
  • E-mail


All expressions of concern will trigger a further investigation of the pupils' needs. Parents/carers will be informed of the outcome and invited to contribute and make comment. When changes are agreed to SEN status parents/carers will be informed in writing. The Academy will inform parents/carers and children about the LA's information, advice and support service.