12. How is the effectiveness of provision made for children with SEN evaluated?


Monitoring progress is an integral part of teaching and learning within Lowedges Junior Academy . Parents/carers , pupils and staff are involved in reviewing the impact of support for students with SEN . Following the 'assess , plan, do, review'

model we ensure that parents/carers and pupils are involved in each step . In order to determine the effectiveness of provision expectations of how the support , which is additional to or different from that available to other pupils, will impact on progress to agreed outcomes and a baseline is recorded which can then be used to compare the impact of support .

Half-termly rigorous analysis of monitoring data allows for timely review and amendment of SEN support . Parents/carers, pupils , Teaching Staff, Middle Leaders and the Academy 's Leadership , along with the SENCO and the Inclusion team , regularly contribute to the evaluation of this support and its effectiveness.