14. What are the arrangements for handling complaints for children with SEN?


The local governing body will make efforts to ensure that anyone who wishes to make a complaint including a complaint in relation to children with SEN, whether they have Education and Health and Care (EHC) plans or not, is treated fairly ,·given the chance to state their case , provided with a written response, and informed of their appeal rights.

Any parent/carer who wishes to discuss or make observations about the Special Needs provision for their child at Lowedges Junior Academy should: -


  1. Telephone or make an informal appointment to see the SENCo who will review the situation and arrange for it to be discussed within 5 working days of the complaint being made.
  2. If the parent remains dissatisfied the complaint should be submitted formally in writing to the Principal who will investigate the complaint and arrange a discussion within 5 working days.
  3. Parents/carers have the right to complain: -
    • To the Chairman of the Local Governing Body via the school (Tel. 0114 2872171) or the Principal.
    • To the LA (SEN Assessment & Placement Team) on 0114 273639

If a parent/carer is still not satisfied they can complain to the Education Funding Agency acting on behalf of the Secretary of State.

Ofsted can consider complaints about the educational provision of the Academy (not individual cases) when a complainant has tried to resolve the complaint through the Academy 's own complaints procedure.

If the complainant remains concerned following the local complaints procedure, he or she could ask the Department for Education's School Complaints Unit to take up the matter.