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Lowedges achieve SILVER Food for Life Award!

In partnership with ‘Eat Smart Sheffield’, Lowedges Junior Academy have become the first Sheffield school to be accredited with the SILVER Food for Life award for their commitment to creating a healthy school culture!

‘Eat Smart Sheffield’ operate under Learn Sheffield to support the 20% most deprived schools in Sheffield. Their main goal is to promote healthy behaviours and instill confidence, skills and knowledge in both pupils and families to grow & cook healthy, quality meals. Since partnering with ‘Eat Smart Sheffield’, we have managed to achieve the Bronze award in 2020-2021 academic year by meeting 26 criteria. Throughout 2021-2022, the next goal was to further this great practice to work towards the 17 criteria for the Silver award - which was finally achieved in this Autumn term!

The stringent criteria to meet these awards required evidence of a school culture that commits to promoting a healthy ethos- both in the curriculum and through extra-curricular activities. A snippet of the great work going on has included: cooking and gardening clubs, Sheffield Hallam undergraduate support via placements to run cooking workshops, engaging parents through workshops, tracking snack and school meal take-up, educating pupils about the importance of a healthy lifestyle amongst many more areas.

This is the latest award for us at Lowedges Junior Academy and adds to an impressive list of recent recognition: School Games GOLD mark in 21/22, Modeshift SILVER award for active travel & the ‘Health and Wellbeing’ winners across Sheffield in the Get Active awards. We are very proud of these achievement. Next stop… ‘Food for Life’ GOLD?




Lowedges Junior Academy: Multiple Award Winners!

In the last six months - from July 2022 to December 2022 - Lowedges Junior Academy have won a grand total of 5 awards across the City; unprecedented success in our academy that we are extremely proud of!

           School Games Mark – GOLD AWARD!

           Modeshift Active Travel – SILVER AWARD!

           Eat Smart Sheffield: Food for Life – SILVER AWARD!

           Sheffield Schools Get Active Awards 2022: Health & Well-Being WINNERS!

           Sheffield Federation for School Sport Awards 2022: Steel City Sports Award WINNERS!


School Games Mark July 2022 – GOLD AWARD!

We have now received GOLD in our School Games Sports Mark for 2021/2022! This has been achieved through our commitment and engagement in the school games programme by providing our pupils with the opportunity to participate in school sport. We are delighted with this 4th consecutive gold mark over recent academic years and will be seeking to reach platinum status very soon.



Eat Smart Sheffield October 2022: Food for Life SILVER!

We have struck a partnership with Eat Smart Sheffield in order to promote a healthy lifestyle culture across our academy and community, to both our pupils and parents. A key part to this is an awareness of a healthy and balanced diet and an understanding of sustainable food growth. We have met very stringent criteria to progress from Bronze in 2020-2021 to Silver accreditation in 2021-2022! We are extremely proud of this achievement, especially as we are the FIRST Sheffield school to achieve silver status! The positive publicity in the local media outlets – including the Sheffield Star – was something very positive for our community. We will soon turn our attention to gold in the near future.


Modeshift Travel July 2022: SILVER!

Our commitment to Modeshift initiatives and active travel promotion across school has been thorough and regular. Our pupils are able to log their mode of travel to school on a WOW travel tracker register and earn badges for an active method. This engages the pupils and has wider benefits in the community, such as reducing pollution and making the school gates a safer zone. We have witnessed a significant increase in bikes and scooters too, which is very pleasing to see! Similar to the food for life programme, we have managed to upgrade our bronze accreditation in 2020-2021 to reach silver in 2021-2022! We will look forward to aiming for gold next academic year (2022-2023).


Sheffield Schools Get Active Awards July 2022: Health & Well-Being WINNERS!

Our work in the above initiatives has seen us champion the health and wellbeing of our pupils – such an important area to address post-pandemic. Our practice had initially been recognised in the Sheffield ‘Move More’ newsletter before going one better by winning an award in the Sheffield Schools Get Active Awards – Health & Wellbeing category. We are extremely proud of these achievements and thank all the staff for their hard work to make this possible!

Sheffield Federation for School Sport Awards December 2022: Steel City Sports Award WINNERS!

We attended the annual SFSS school sports awards evening along with many other schools across the city of Sheffield. It was a privilege to be nominated as the Steel City Sports Award Winners for our active role in providing our pupils the opportunity to participate & engage in school sport. This is an area we are very passionate about across the academy; making it a huge honour to be recognised on the evening.


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