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British Science Week (5th- 14th of March 2021)


This year Lowedges Junior Academy celebrated British Science Week by ‘smashing stereotypes and innovating for the future.’ As a welcome back after another lockdown, we wanted to provide the children with an awe inspiring week that would lead into further learning across other curriculum subjects.

All children within the school, from Nursery all the way up to Year 6 took part and they made their teachers incredibly proud with their engagement, enthusiasm and their willingness to give new things a try.

The children learned about ‘what a scientist looks like’ by reading and researching various Scientists and incredible individuals working on the current COVID pandemic to the brave Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to fly across the Atlantic. They read stories about innovators and engineers during story time and had access to their own British Science Week bookcase to support their independent reading and learning. Children also watched a variety of videos via the Facebook page to engage them further in experiments and the wondering of ‘what if?’

Children in all year groups took part in experiments over the week, observing what happens and questioning the results. In Nursery, they learned all about insects and their stomachs, in Reception they observed raisins dancing, Y1 designed, made and tested bubble wands, Y2 investigated how to keep something warm using different materials, Y3 learned how to make colours using natural objects and materials, Y4 learned about sound and how to make it even louder, Y5 learned about the weight of objects and how it can affect how far they travel, Y6 learned about air resistance by building their own floating structures.

The second part of the week was all about ‘innovating for the future’ where all year groups investigated robobugs. The year groups were given three strands to choose; medicine, rescue and crime fighting. Each teacher led their children to complete a design for a robobug that could help provide answers or support investigations in the future and all of the children did a fantastic job. We had ideas ranging from waterproof bugs that could travel to the Amazon rainforest, to crime fighting bugs that could stop a thief, to robobugs that could survive in space and on different planets.

The children and staff had a brilliant week and we can’t wait to do it all again next year!



Let’s Grow Peas!

This May we have started our whole school growing project in order to understand where food comes from and how long it actually takes to grow the food we eat.

Each class started with a questionnaire to find out how much they knew about the foods they eat. They discussed the foods, whether they would be grown or made and how long the children thought it would take for the process to be complete.

This raised some really interesting answers and over the next few weeks and months we aim to support the learning of growing and the understanding of time through various growing activities.

This term each class is growing a pea plant within their classroom to observe the changes and needs of a plant through time.

How long will it take to harvest?

We will have to wait and see!

Keep checking our Facebook page for regular updates.



       School Sports Day 2021

The highlight of the sporting calendar – sports day – was enjoyed by every pupil from FS to Y6 last week. In order to make these events as safe and COVID-compliant as possible, we split these into 3 smaller events of FS & KS1, Y3 & Y4 and Y5 & Y6 with strict measures in place throughout.

Our pupils demonstrated many of the school games values we would wish to see; determination in each race, respect for other house teams & resilience to overcome any disappointments. Our overall winners for the events were:




Congratulations to those house teams and well done to every pupil for participating in the correct spirit…TEAM LOWEDGES!                      



(for more photos see the PE page)


Ice Cream Van!


As a reward for our hard work, our Governors organised a treat for our pupils with a visit from the ice cream van on the school grounds. Unsurprisingly, our children (and staff!) were very grateful and thoroughly enjoyed their ice creams in the sunshine!