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When Elsa Came To Visit

 During Summer 1 the topic in Foundation Stage has been ‘Let’s Perform’. The pupils have been learning a variety of songs and dances to prepare for a performance for their parents. One of the songs the children have been learning is ‘Let it go’ from Frozen. We had a very special visitor to help us learn the song. Elsa came along to watch the children perform and they made their very own Elsa wands. The children were so excited to meet Elsa and had an amazing afternoon with her.

Road & Fire Safety Session

During Summer 1, the children at Lowedges had a visit from our local Road Safety Officer. She visited all classes from Foundations to Year 5 to explain the importance of being safe around the roads and to highlight some dangers the children may come across. As well as this, the local fire team worked with all Y3 and Y4 pupils to discuss the dangers and important of being safe around fire. All of the pupils thoroughly enjoyed these sessions. 



World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, we took part in lots of activities throughout the week!

All classes were given a ‘reading bingo’ sheet – to complete this, students needed to be creative, read lots at home and work together as a team. We received some brilliant photos from home of the children reading in wacky and wonderful ways!





The children had a great time guessing who the readers were in the ‘Guess the Reader’ competition. Staff hid behind books with some sneaky clues around them. Students used their detective skills to spot the clues and used them to work out which teacher was behind the book.


And of course World Book Day wouldn’t be World Book Day without dressing up as a book character! There were some amazing costumes (some of which are shown below) and we raised …… which will go towards improving the reading areas within all classrooms.


The Soil Project - March 2022

The Year 1 and Year 5 pupils have taken part in a Science project on ‘soil’ linked with Sheffield Hallam University. During the project, the children took samples of soil from our school field and carried out some scientific observation and experiments. The university student researchers from Sheffield Hallam took the soil samples back to their laboratories and carried out some more complex analysis. At a later date, they returned to present their findings. Our KS2 pupils took part in a question and answer assembly with the students from the project to find out what life is like as a real life scientist. The pupils were able to get answers to lots of our scientific questions.



British Science Week - 11th March to 20th March 2022

Lowedges Junior Academy celebrated British Science Week between the 11th March to the 20th March! This year’s theme was growth. Each class have been growing sunflowers and taking care of them. At gardening club, the children had the opportunity to plant a sunflower from a seed and take it home to observe the growth. Throughout the week, we took part in many activities linked to science. Our whole school challenge was to grow cress in different conditions (each year group had a different condition to grow the cress in). We observed and measured the growth daily and shared the results with the rest of the school. Each year group took part in a different investigation linked to their science topics, ranging from a mini beast safari for Year 2 and comparing the growth of a spring onion in different weather conditions for Year 3. Throughout this week, the children have been encouraged to think about the growth of all kinds of things and have thoroughly enjoyed each of the activities.



Lowedges Chicks Hatch

In March, Foundations@Lowedges teamed up with a local company to help look after some living eggs as part of the pupil’s learning on the life cycle of an animal.  The children were able to observe the changes from the egg stage to chick hatching and were involved in their daily care. A live web cam set up in school enabled the whole school and parents/carers to watch their 10- day journey. This has been a fantastic opportunity and a huge thank you to our PTA who have funded this. Every child in school has been talking about the chicks! We all loved them!


Children’s Mental Health Week (7th – 11th February 2022)

Mental Health affects one in four of us and is a very serious issue that needs to be spoken about more often. It's a common problem, yet is still an isolated one, and people can start to feel ashamed or worthless because of it.

Lowedges Junior academy have taken part in Children's Mental Health Week between 7th – 11th February 2022! This year's theme is Growing Together. We encouraged children (and adults) to consider how they have grown, and how they can help others to grow. Across the duration of the week children took part in numerous different mental health activities such as yoga, relaxation and breathing exercises, dance, art & much more. These were all done during morning work and within their afternoon lessons. 



On Friday 11th February we hosted a ‘Dress to Express’ day. Children were invited to come into school by wearing their favourite colour, or a whole unique outfit to express how they are feeling. The whole week was a success and taught our children how important it is to look after our brains just as much as we do the rest of our bodies.