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Academy Ambassadors 2023-2024

At Lowedges Junior Academy, we believe that every child's voice should be heard and valued. We understand that by giving pupils equal opportunities and a voice, we are building a culture in which they thrive. One of the ways in which we promote pupil voice is by giving children extra responsibilities across school. 

In the role of an Academy Ambassador, the team collect feedback from pupils across the school and represent their peers at regular ambassador meetings. Lead by the children, these meetings give them the opportunity to feedback to adult leaders within the school, sharing suggestions of how they want to develop the school moving forward.  

Each year, class elections are held and a class ambassador is chosen by the pupils. The ambassadors then represent their class at meetings throughout each half-term and events held throughout the year. 

Meet our ambassador team below...

Chair of the Ambassador's Election 2023-2024    

This year, we held a whole school election to vote for the Chair of the Ambassadors. Each ambassador had the opportunity to give a speech in assembly to the whole school. Their speeches included persuasive reasons as to why they should take on this leadership role, as well as what they would do moving forward to make Lowedges Junior Academy better. 

Both KS1 and KS2 children put themselves forward for this role and they were all so brave standing in front of the whole school to present their ideas! 

Voting happens when a group of people get together so that they can make a collective decision. Everyone was given a ballot paper to mark who they would like to represent them. This ballot paper was put into the ballot box anonymously and later counted. 

It was a close count, but Emmanuel was the overall winner of this election. Well done Emmanuel! 

Eco-Warrior Election   

As part of the whole school election, we also voted for an Eco-Warrior Leader. This leader works closely with Miss Allen in school to push forward on priorities surrounding being eco-friendly.

This year, Amelia won the election to be Eco-Warrior Leader. Well done Amelia!  


Ambassador Priorities 2023-2024

Throughout the year, our priorities may change dependent on what feedback is received from pupils across the school. However, the below is an outline of what the ambassadors will be discussing at their meetings throughout the year. Have a look at the priorities and share your ideas with your class ambassador. 


How can these be improved? 

What equipment might you want to use throughout playtimes?

Are there any games that you would like available on the playground? 


What pupil jobs would you like to see around school? 

What training would you want to access to build a career in school?  

Becoming Eco-Friendly 

How can school become more eco-friendly? 

How can we promote this priority across school? 

Eating during lunchtime 

How can we improve our lunchtimes in the hall?

How might you change the seating setup?