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Striving for





At Lowedges Junior Academy we aim to bring learning to life by providing high quality teaching and stimulating learning activities which are structured and sequenced so that new knowledge is built upon and links all areas of the curriculum to enable children to develop a deep understanding. 

The knowledge led curriculum has been organised through an approach which considers what the pupils need to succeed in modern Britain. It incorporates the key skills set out in the National Curriculum (2014) and key drivers identified to stimulate the pupils’ interests and to enable them to successfully succeed in later life.  The key drivers embedded and threaded through our curriculum are, love reading, be ambitious, keep safe and communicate effectively.

A love for reading is fostered all through Lowedges Junior Academy and encouraged in all aspects of school life.  As well as teaching the skills of reading, a range of inspirational and capturing books are used in every classroom. Reading will be used to research new ideas and make links between existing and future knowledge.  Reading will be taught phonically by highly-skilled phonics experts from FS1 to Y2.  The skill of reading phonically will be embedded by the time children leave KS1 and they will be reading age appropriate texts.  Fluency, comprehension and vocabulary development will be taught in KS2 through reading age appropriate texts.