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At Lowedges Junior Academy, we believe that personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) and (RSE) relationship and sex education, are both vital in allowing our pupils to develop into mature and responsible members of society. Our aim is to provide, throughout the curriculum, rich and vibrant opportunities which draw upon real-life experiences and provide our children with the cultural capital to succeed in life.

We will provide children with the knowledge and skills they need to ensure that they are capable of overcoming any social or personal barriers which they may encounter on their journey to adulthood, in order that they are prepared for a life in modern Britain.

We recognise the importance of developing our pupils' thoughts and understanding of the world around them in order for them to become responsible members of their academy, local community and wider world, which is why we understand that life skills are essential aspects of a school’s curriculum. We seek to develop in pupils a sound understanding of looking after their mental health and well-being.

Lowedges Junior Academy follows the Sheffield RSHE scheme of work, where we have developed our long term plan to ensure it links and provides cross curricular learning with other curriculum areas. Most lessons within our new RSHE scheme are built on an engaging ‘hook’, such as a picture book, video or image. 

Alongside our RSHE scheme, pupils will follow the scheme Talk PANTS from the NSPCC which is a simple conversation to help keep children safe from sexual abuse. A character, Pantosaurus, is a friendly dino who helps children understand that their body belongs to them and that if anything happens that doesn't feel right - they should speak to a safe adult who they trust.

Here at Lowedges Junior Academy, it is our commitment to make sure all students and staff feel happy, safe and cared for. Mental health and well-being is a priority and we make sure there is time for this throughout our school days, weeks and year.


Through RSHE, we aim for all pupils to know: 

  • What is meant by a healthy lifestyle                                                                          
  • How to maintain physical, mental and emotional health and well-being
  • How to manage risks to physical and emotional health and well-being
  • Ways of keeping physically and emotionally safe
  • About managing change, including puberty, transition and loss
  • How to make informed choices about health and well-being and to recognise sources of help with this
  • How to respond in an emergency
  • To identify different influences on health and well-being
  • How to develop and maintain a variety of healthy relationships, within a range of social/cultural contexts
  • How to recognise and manage emotions within a range of relationships
  • How to recognise risky or negative relationships, including all forms of bullying and abuse
  • How to respond to risky or negative relationships and ask for help
  • How to respect equality and diversity in relationships
  • About respect for self and others and the importance of responsible behaviours and actions
  • About rights and responsibilities as members of families, other groups and ultimately, as citizens
  • About different groups and communities
  • To respect diversity and equality and how to be a productive member of a diverse community, developing a sensitive understanding of the protective characteristics and responsible behaviours.
  • About the importance of respecting and protecting the environment within the Lowedges community and beyond
  • About where money comes from, keeping it safe and the importance of managing it effectively
  • The part that money plays in people’s lives
  • A basic understanding of enterprise

Virtual Bookshelf

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