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Striving for




Remote Learning

Lowedges Junior Academy is providing all pupils with a rich, progressive and consistent education whether pupils are at home or in the academy.

Our aim is to continue to deliver engaging and differentiated learning opportunities, in order to continue to educate our pupils and provide excellent pastoral care and individual support, while still focusing on the health and wellbeing of the whole academy community.


We’ve aimed to create a home learning programme which balances expected completion of work with teacher contact, and flexibility for families living and working under different home circumstances. Some of our pupils – Pupils with SEND – will receive a bespoke programme.


However, like any programme, we will constantly review and keep you informed of modifications as they arise.


If you have any questions/ queries regarding your child's home learning, please email the class teacher on the year group e-mails.


Nursery and Reception, e-mail

Year 1, e-mail

Year 2, e-mail

Year 3, e-mail

Year 4, e-mail

Year 5, e-mail

Year 6, e-mail

PE, e-mail